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The Reiss Profile and the 16 Basic Desires



It is helpful in a relentlessly changing environment to keep something that is constant. Your individual desires – as presented in the Reiss Profile – can be such a constant. Our core focus is order to support you in acknowledging, loving and living your needs, values and objectives as well as those of everyone surrounding you.


Frauke K. Ion and Markus Brand, jointly heading the Institut für Lebensmotive, help you as a business or an individual through desire-based coaching, training, consulting and presentations in various areas:

  • Individual and team development
  • Selection and career planning
  • Organisational health management
  • Sales optimisation
  • Life balance, fitness and health

In addition, Markus Brand, Reiss Profile Instructor, organises instructor courses for new Reiss Profile Masters. This is how trainers, coaches, consultants and personnel managers become certified in order to make use of the tool themselves in their daily work. Made-to-measure courses can be offered for organisations or trainer networks if required.

Reiss Profile is the official title for the analysis of the 16 desires devised by Prof. Steven Reiss. Other ways to refer to this analysis are:  Reiss Profile, Reiss Test, Reis Profile, Reis Test, Reiss-Profile, Reiss-Test amongst others.