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What are Basic Desires?

Steven Reiss is professor (emeritus) for psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. When he turned seriously sick in the nineties he was surprised to see how commited the nurses took care about him and how much they loved what they did. This was a profession he could not imagine to practise himself. Following he asked himself: "What makes a person happy? And what makes another person happy? What makes me happy?"

In search for an answer to this question he found a gap in scientific studies around motivation as they were missing models for the analysis of an individuals structure of desires. After his recovery he started his own investigations around lasting values, goals and motives. In nine big international studies with more than 15.000 probands he studied which final desires a person drives. He found out that with the so called basic desires there are 16 fundamental values and needs that motivate us.

In every individual each basic desire is present in a certain parameter value. Anyhow do people differ significantly in their characteristic and combination of single desires. This means that everyone has his or her own "point of happiness". In total there exist many billion different profiles, each as individual as a fingerprint. None equals another one.

People who got to know their profile can get valuable insights on their personality: who they really are, what drives and motivates them from the inside - and what their answers are to the meaning of their lifes. These insights will help people to be more satisfied with themself and to live a more happy life, and especially, to be more tolerant against the diversity of others.