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Scientific Background

In general motivation is the psychological term for all purposive processes which are triggered by a motive. Each value is present in every person and describes a willful or unconscious valuation or behaviour. Steven Reiss, the developer of the Reiss Profile, is certain that a motivation oriented perspective explains most of human behaviour.

Historically there are many different paths of evolution in research of motivation: theories of evolution and primal urges, characteristics-, persoality-, learntheories, etc. Many known scientifics like Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson or Abraham Maslow have looked into this phenomenon and developed their models. A review on decade-long motivation-psychological researchs show clearly, that they were able to describe human motivation only insufficient.

The findings of motivation psychology provide an important foundation, but cannot give a general, empirically founded answer to the question about the value or luck of life. Recent scientific findings show that there is no universal hierarchy within the motives (like the hierarchy of needs by Maslow) but unique values and desires of human beings. Happiness and contendedness aren't the highest priorities of motivation based action, they are a side effect that come up if a people live their drivers. Knowing ones motives and aligning his life accordingly will result in lasting "luck of values" and more satisfaction.