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Development of Managers

„Handling people in the same way doesn't mean they are all the same.“

Based on this credo, the concept of desire orientated leadership brings the individual motivation of team members and their managers to the forefront. Managers learn in our seminars and coaching sessions how they can develop an authentic leadership style. They also get to know how they can motivate their team members through appropriate and individual activities and improved, made-to-measure communication.

Development of Teams

„The other person is not stupid, just different. And that's OK.“

Using open discussions about the individual structure of desires of each individual in a team, participants learn to appreciate differences in professional relationships and teams not as ‘explosives’ but rather as an individual strength and a valued complement.

Sales Optimisation

„Behind every wish is a need.“

Successful sales people are able to recognise the individual needs of their customers and adapt their sales strategy accordingly.  In our desire-oriented training and coaching, we focus on developing sales competencies that have the fulfilment of customer needs in the foreground.

Staff Selection

„The right person, at the right place, at the right time.“

When preparing job specifications, the Reiss Profile provides a clear orientation in terms of the basic desires of an individual. Through consultation we support you during the entire selection process, starting with the desired profile via the selection of methods used during the process through to making the final decision for the best applicant.

Organisational Health Management

„Don't treat others the way you would like to be treated but rather the way they want to be treated.“

Stress is, next to physical risks, a poor diet and lack of exercise, the main reason people fall ill. In order to stay healthy in the long-term and even improve health, we start by influencing and training management first in our top-down approach in organisational health management. As a victim of stress you’ll learn to recognise your personal stress factors and deal with them more effectively in the future. On the other hand, you as a potential stress-factor in your team members’ lives, learn how to improve your interaction with your team.

Personality Development

„Become who you are."

Based on their individual Reiss Profiles, your team members will evaluate specific topics in conjunction with one of our coaches that they will work on as a post course activity. The participants will learn to use their Profile as an ‘orientation map’ by questioning their values and develop personal methods that will help both professionally and privately to have long term success and satisfaction.


„Why can Robbie Williams not get enough applause?"

Participants receive important ‘food for thought’ that will keep them thinking and talking weeks after the event. As a member of the German Speakers Association and Trainers’ Excellence we offer different lectures based on the Reiss Profile. We are happy to provide you with individual proposals for your event as well as possible dates.