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For Individual Customers

Personality Development

„Clarity through looking at oneself.“

Whether it is decision making or dealing with roles and expectations of oneself and others, looking at one’s own desires allows a clear perspective on your values and behaviours. The Reiss Profile supports you in finding your inner motives, to reflect on them and develop individual measures based on the results.

Life Balance

„The Reiss Profile challenges your discontent.“

We will coach you to get to a desire-oriented work-life balance. This will help you to learn how to recognise your personal needs in all aspects of life. With the Reiss Profile as an ‘orientation map’, we develop personal measures for you for an improved way of handling yourself, a higher life-balance and an increased quality of life.

Health & Fitness

„The personal way to the top of your personal capabilities.“

Only 3 % of clients on fitness programmes reach their desired objectives, the success rate during a desire-oriented fitness training regime achieves a much higher success rate. Your personal needs are the basis for your individual and holistic training programme that will motivate you in the most suitable way to achieve your targets.

Choice of Profession and Career Planning

„Love it, leave it or change it!“

The structure of desires of a human being is an important anchor for success and satisfaction in your job. Desire-oriented coaching supports you on the one hand during important decisions surrounding your career, i.e. choosing a suitable study topic, starting your career, career planning, self-employment etc. On the other hand, you will learn to focus on your strengths when preparing for assessment centres.