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Open Seminars and Lectures

Open Lectures

„What differentiates George W. Bush from Albert Einstein?“

We are looking at this and other interesting questions around the needs of human beings during our lively and interesting presentations at fairs, educational events and network meetings. Join us there and then – we are looking forward seeing you.

Open Seminar: Desire-oriented Leadership

„The worm needs to taste the fish, not the fisherman.“

Desires are as individual as a fingerprint. They are the basis of the human personality and the basis for our behaviour. Recognise via an individual Reiss Profile your personal motives and learn in one of our open seminars how you can best use your strengths when leading people.

Open Seminar: Desire-oriented Work-Life Balance

„Success follows, when you follow yourself.“

Become aware via your own Reiss Profile, how your current behaviour professionally and privately is based on your individual desires as well as what your unaccounted wishes and needs are. In a second step you will learn to develop your own activities to further increase your quality of life and become a ‘navigator’ of a conscious use of your personal needs in all aspects of life.