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Training to become a Reiss Profile Master


In order to actively use the Reiss Profile as a trainer, consultant, coach or for internal staff development amongst other possibilities, you have to go through a 3-day training course as well as respective licencing.

The aim of the training is to prepare you to directly apply the Reiss Profile in your professional life as a coach, trainer, psychologist, personnel developer etc.

Additionally, we offer training to become a Reiss Profile Master specifically for personal trainers. This training focuses on training and coaching in health and fitness. Through the integrative approach of the 16 desires a personal trainer becomes more than that, they will become a holistic life-coach who can lead their clients via suitable training programmes to reach both their physical and mental potential.



Day 1

  • Introduction: Presentation of participants, expectations, agenda
  • Comparison with other motivation-psychological approaches
  • Model of compensation and the onion-skin model
  • Consolidation: theory of the 16 desires by Prof. Dr. Steven Reiss
  • Limits compared to other personality tests i.e. MBTI, DISG, Insights, etc.
  • Science and quality criteria of the Reiss Profile
  • Presentation of the Reiss Profle graphic and test results
  • Explanation of the 16 desires using film clips, examples, images and anecdotes
  • Combination of desires: harmonies and disharmonies of desires within one structure
  • Differences between the original version of the Reiss Profile and the business version
  • Practical examples: Recognising special constellations of desires in real coaching cases

Day 2

  • Review of day 1 incl. answers to open questions
  • How to use the card games
  • Self-hugging: how you can see yourself and be seen by others via your own Reiss Profile
  • Getting to know the deeper analysis
  • How to conduct the feedback interview
  • Preparing your first own feedback interview
  • Conducting the first feedback interview with a live-coachee receiving feedback from your colleagues
  • Additional real exercise profiles to recognise relevant desire constellations
  • Reiss Profile in practice: how to it in coaching

Day 3

  • Review day 1 and 2 and deepening of the learning material
  • Reiss Profile in practice: Application in management development
  • Reiss Profile in practice: Application in the selection process
  • Reiss Profile in practice: Application in sales
  • Reiss Profile in practice: Application in team development
  • Explanation of the master portal incl. the toolbox in order to produce pair profiles, team profiles, business profiles, etc.
  • How to conduct and evaluate Reiss Profile using your own master account
  • Further education for Reiss Profile Masters via the International Academy, the World Society for Motivation Specialists and Professionals as well as the Institut für Lebensmotive
  • Availability of  further support and supervision for the first own profiles
    Master Club of the Institut für Lebensmotive
  • A.O.B.
  • Outro: Jeopardy-Quiz in order to deepen the newly acquired knowledge, certification, champagne...disperse


To apply for the Reiss Profile Master Course, please fill in the following application form pdf Anmeldeformular and send it to us via mail or fax. You will then receive an invoice for €2,500.00 plus VAT. Once you have transferred this amount to our account, your place on the course is assured.

The training for a Reiss Profile Master at the Institut für Lebensmotive provides the following specific benefits to you:

  • Your own personal Reiss Profile incl. feedback
  • Supervision / support for the first 12 months after completion via the Institute’s management
  • Comprehensive documentation of the course content, many worksheets and checklists for your daily work as well as scientific literature in English
  • 1 card game related to the Reiss Profile
  • 10 books ’30 minutes for more work-life balance through the 16 desires’ (German)
  • 1 book ‘Desire-oriented Leadership with the Reiss Profile’ (German)
  • 1 book ‘The Reiss Profile’ by Prof. Steven Reiss

Feedback from Participants


Heike Berger, Managementtrainer


Bernd Sturm, Trainer, Speaker und Moderator

Steve Kroeger, Motivationstrainer,
Personal Trainer und Speaker

Gabi Maier-Güttler, Personal & Business Coach

Thorge Berger, Trainer und Coach


This workshop has exceeded my expectations and I can recommend Markus Brand without hesitation! In particular, I liked the ease and openness during the course; the fantastic, relaxed atmosphere and the various practical examples. I am looking forward to my next training with him!"
Dr. Joachim Hofmann, Business Coach

Trainer with good knowledge of the practice and fine humour. An excellent event."
Volker Paetzold, Sales Leader IKB Leasing

This investment has changed my life. I have made another big step in my personal development and it was worthwhile. Many thanks!"
Christian Ley, Personal Trainer and Managing Director of a Health Centre

All in all very informative, a lot of content, very detailed."
Bernhard Patzelt, Management Trainer and Coach

Amazing, how easy so much content was delivered in such a short space of time."
Ratimir Janekovic, Management Consultant

Compared with many other workshops and seminars that I have attended in the past, this was the one with the best work atmosphere. Even though the days were long, I wasn’t too tired by the end of them but still had some energy left. Thank you!"
Julia Blendeck, Personal Trainer

Course Dates

Our Institute offers the Reiss Profile Master Course in different cities on various dates.  We can also offer special dates for trainer networks, internal seminars in organisations amongst others.

 Date  Days  Venue

25.05. - 27.05.2011


*in cooperation with Kissel Consulting

09.06. - 11.06.2011


*in cooperation with rp academy (Schweiz)

14.06. - 16.06.2011



27.07. - 29.07.2011



27.07. - 29.07.2011 We-Fr

*to RP Master Personal Fitness & Health, in cooperation with STEVE KROEGER

08.08. - 10.08.2011 Mo-We Munich
05.09. - 07.09.2011 Mo-We Cologne
28.09. - 30.09.2011 We-Fr Frankfurt
17.10. - 19.10.2011 Mo-We Switzerland
*to RP Master Personal Fitness & Health, in cooperation with STEVE KROEGER and rp academy (Schweiz)
27.10. - 29.10.2010 Th-Sa Switzerland
*in cooperation with rp academy (Schweiz)
08.11. - 10.11.2011 Th-Sa Cologne

Further Education

After the training is prior to further education...the Reiss Profile Master Course is the most important step on the way to making use of the Reiss Profile professionally.  So that you can deepen your knowledge of the application of the Reiss Profile and at the same time become more secure in its use, we offer regular opportunities for further education.

In addition you have the opportunity to further your knowledge around the Reiss Profile and its application here:

  • Seminars of the International Academy for Reiss Profile Masters
  • Yearly conference by the World Society of Motivation Scientists and Professionals, founded by Prof. Steven Reiss

Tools for Masters

In order to make the Reiss Profile more tangible and interactive in your conversations, we have two different tools for Reiss Profile Masters:


The Reiss Profile Flipchart is a coloured printed flip in DIN A1 format that shows the preference continuum of the 16 desires. Once fixed on a flipchart or white board, you can highlight individual values of desires with the help of magnets. The Reiss Profile Flipchart is available in both the business and the original version. You can order it at the Institute for €29.00 plus VAT.


The Reiss Profile card game offers you another possibility with its 23 coloured and laminated cards to highlight the preferences for each desire via an assessment through self and others. The card game is available in two different forms – either with three different questions or the graphically shown continuum for each desire. Both versions can be applied in the business and original version of the Reiss Profile and can be ordered for €39.00 plus VAT and postage each via phone or e-mail.

Further Government Support

Even though you can achieve a return on the investment in the certification as a Reiss Profile Master by using the tool 8-10 times, you might want to get some additional financial support. In Germany, there are several options to apply for this money as explained on our German website. In the UK, there might be other opportunities to do so. In case you would like to make use of this option, please let us know, we will then look into your case and let you know if we can help.


Der MasterClub ist unser Premium-Angebot für alle Reiss Profile Master nach erfolgreicher Zertifizierung bei Markus Brand oder einem anderen Reiss Profile Instructor.

Für monatlich nur 15,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt. bieten wir Ihnen in einem passwortgeschützten Bereich unserer Website eine große Auswahl an

  • Informationen & Materialien
  • Veranstaltungen & Weiterbildungen
  • Kontakten & Vergünstigungen

die Sie dabei unterstützen, das Reiss Profile professionell und rentabel einzusetzen.

Zur Einführung ist die Mitgliedschaft bis zum 30.06.2011 kostenlos!