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Our customers

In the United States, the Reiss Profile has been in use since the end of the nineties. Our customers have enjoyed its benefits since 2006. We support the following customers and organisations in completed or ongoing projects:

“I have been able to make plenty of background issues as well as motives tangible with the help of the Reiss Profile. My Reiss Profile now serves me as my personal ‘map’ both in my private and in my professional life.”
Axel Dannenbauer, Minoplanet Systems GmbH

“The Reiss Profile helped our organisation to think increasingly ‘out of the box’. Everyone started to think more intensely whether the right person was in the right place. Existing structures were called into question, a mutual idea of leadership was discussed and the need for clearer functions became apparent. We were able to make room for important and necessary re-structuring.”
Fred Schmidt, QSC AG

”With the help of the Reiss Profile, I have realised how I come across and why. For the first time in my life I had proof about what I always knew in my heart. My life motivation now has a direction.”
Ralf Seidel, Olympus Soft Imaging GmbH

”The Reiss Profile helped me to acknowledge which desires make me move and made me aware of these. I felt caught out during our conversations more than once. In addition, the Reiss Profile helped me to better determine the differences amongst the members of my team.”
Dirk Dankelmann