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Our self-conception

The Institut für Lebensmotive has set itself the task of supporting people, teams and organisations to get to know their internal drivers, desires and motivators. They are using various methods and instruments in order to acknowledge these and use them in all areas of life.


Following the credo ‘we see the world not as it is, but as we are’ we determine someone’s individual structure of desires and thus their preferences and needs as these determine their behaviour to a significant degree.

Whilst the critical success factor in the past was the technical development, it is now the human being who moves into the centre of attention in organisations. The performance of each individual and an organisation in today's knowledge society can only increase in the long term if the individual drivers and desires are being served. This assumes on the one hand that every individual should understand what makes them grow and what makes them wither. On the other hand, they must learn that other people have other desires and views but that they constitute an important addition to their own desires. Only then is it possible to change individuals, teams and organisations in a sustainable way and meet the challenges of the future.